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7 ludicrous apartments that make the Dublin rental scene look good

These places need to be seen to be believed.

LOOKING FOR A place to live in our fine capital city has got a little bit stressful of late, we all know this.

But spare a thought for the unfortunates who actually had to view these places in other cities – things could be so much worse:

1. This London box is the definition of misery – and it’s just €720 a month

apartment5 Source: Zoopla

The convenience of sleeping above your own shower needs no explanation.

2. This delightful apartment – complete with kitchen/shower – in New York will set you back just $2000 a month

apartment1 Source: padmapper

As the property listing says:

Although the shower is in the kitchen, YES it’s in the kitchen, it has a separate room for your bed…

Well, that makes it OK.

3. This cosy little cubby in London – over €1000 a month

london1 Source: rightmove

This cost £737 a month – which is over €1000. “Fully self-contained” it most certainly is.

4. The loose cable through the floor look is urban and chic – Brooklyn, $3600 per month

apartment3 Source: worstroom.com

Described as a “hidden gem” – this place in Brooklyn will set you back a casual $3600 a month.

5. This potential head injury in LA is a steal at $500 a month

apartment6 Source: worstroom

That angled wall. Beautiful.

6. San Francisco is a beautiful city, and this plywood theme will make you want to leave the house and go see it

apartment4 Source: worstroom

Only $1050 a month. You could also bring in a second income through the sale of excess plywood.

7. And finally, London apartments are so bad that cupboards go for €275 a month

london2 Source: timeout

A space that would suit “someone less than 5’4 tall and with no history of claustrophobia.”

What a time to be alive.

london3 Source: timeout

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