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Here's why lots of people are tweeting about 'Dublin, United Kingdom'

Bandsintown.com got a bit confused.

BANDSINTOWN.COM IS a website that shows you which musical acts are playing gigs in your town or city, based on your IP location.

There’s just one problem: it seems to be a little confused about the location of Dublin.

Some of the listings show it as in Ireland, but many others… don’t.

This hasn’t gone down too well with some internet users.

Source: reddit.com

And here’s the thing: it also makes any user of the app tweet the, ahem, historically insensitive address when they share the show details.

So that would explain why you might have seen your friends come over all West Brit…

Quite a few people have been caught out.

And bands themselves are among them – including singer-songwriter Declan O’Rourke.

He’s been vocal about his opinion on the matter.

So that’s why you’re seeing it. Do not be alarmed: Ireland hasn’t been re-invaded, and your friends’ political views have not changed radically.

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DailyEdge.ie reached out to BandsInTown.com for comment, and they said this:

We are aware of the issue where Irish venues are listed as being located in the UK in our database. We were alerted of this data import bug and have taken steps to correct the issue.

They said that the remaining ‘UK’ events “need to be corrected manually on our side since they were imported when the bug was still present,” and said they encourage users to alert them to any remaining errors.

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