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12 things all Whelan's regulars know to be true

It’s an institution.

1. You’ve probably feigned excitement as tourists explain to you that they’ve come to Whelans because of PS I Love You

“So, what brings you here?”

“I’m a huge fan of PS I Love You.”

“Oh right.”

2. And you’ve definitely had a minor Irish celebrity sighting there

You, texting your friend at God knows what time: “Come to Whelan’s, Elmo from Love/Hate is here.”

3. Posing for a photo with the statue is a rite of passage, tbh.

Radish went to Whelans tonight to see The Ex. She thinks she was a punk in a past life #punklife #radishadventures Source: meabh_rose

4. Also, you have definitely bumped into and apologised, thinking it was another customer

You: “Sorry, excuse me, can I just squeeze past you there?”


Every time I walk past, I think this is a real person hanging out at the bar. Source: e3neenz

5. You’ve probably talked absolute guff with someone you kind-of-fancy-but-only-because-you’re-on-your-sixth-pint in the smoking area

Loving this venue! #whelans #gigs #music #Dublin Source: m_sjuve

Before promptly mauling the face off them inside as the DJ blasts Forever Lost by The Magic Numbers.

6. Likewise, Whelan’s is the home of the “Where are you from?” chat-up line

Calm before the storm! #roadie #guitartech #ilovemyjob #theamorettes Source: rosslouden

The following exchange happens at least 314 times per night in Whelan’s.

- “Sorry, girls — do either of you have a lighter?”

- “Yep, here you go.”

- “Thanks. So where are you from?”

7. In fact, listening to the music in Whelan’s can often make you feel as thought you’ve woken up and found yourself in 2006

My fave boys last night #unknownmortalorchestra Source: hannahdechant

Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis? America by Razorlight?


8. But don’t go acting too cool for school, because you’ve definitely thrown serious shapes to Song 2 on the dancefloor at some point

Source: lianasaranga


9. Sorry, but Whelan’s toilet graffiti > every other bar graffiti

'I took a shite on the Kodaline tour bus'. Nice. Source: bigsoozz

I took a shite on the Kodaline tour bus.


10. Anyone who goes into Whelan’s often enough knows that The Parlour Bar is where it’s at

Dublin, Ireland...sold out show Source: east_dillon_radio

You yearn for its comfy couches when you’re standing in the smoking area.

11. The Whelan’s photobooth is the perfect embodiment of “It seemed like a good idea at the time!”

“It’s a Thursday night, the fella I fancy is not here and I’m going to be so hungover in work tomorrow. All in all, it’s only an okay night, BUT LET’S COMMEMORATE IT WITH A PHOTO!!!!”

12. But despite the bad chat-up lines and occasionally confusing music choices, there’s still one place you always suggest going to on a night out…

“Will we try Whelan’s?”

“Ah yeah, go on.”

Hadn't been here in years! Source: bursaar

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