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21 reasons living in Dublin will ruin you for life

Oh, Dublin. You old beauty.

1. Because of this view across the bay on a summer evening

Source: ezola

2. And this one, across the canal on a rare day of sunshine

3. Because a pint in Fallons on a wet night is one of the most perfect experiences

4. Because the zoo has this sign for children

Source: Imgur

5. Because you’re never more than 50 yards from a hot chicken fillet roll.

6. Because yes, the Georgian doorways are nice…

Source: infomatique

7. … but locals know the real highlight are the redbrick Victorian streets

8. Because everyone has a favourite nickname for a landmark

Source: Viator.com

9. Because whenever you smell hops and malt, anywhere, for the rest of your life, it’ll remind you

Source: Rob Hurson

10. Because everyone knows the sausage rolls in Lolly & Cooks can cure any hangover

11. Because you can run into the President walking your dog.

Source: Danny Callaghan via Dublin Barber Shop

12. Because the Poolbeg lighthouse, minutes from the city centre, feels like another world

Source: Marie. L.

13. Because Blessington Basin is, and will always be, the city’s best-kept secret

Source: infomatique

14. Because there are 1.5million people, from all places and walks of life, but everyone agrees about one thing

Source: Tumblr

15. Because when celebrations are called for, Dublin takes it to the street

And even the traffic updates join in.

16. Because of the venerable inner-city Dublin pub that is also a vibrant Korean restaurant

Source: infomatique

17. Because the city’s bar staff are second to none

Source: Imgur

18. Because you can eat oysters harvested in the West the day before, or lamb reared in Laois, or a toastie made with Co Dublin potatoes (trust us it works), all in one place

19. Because people here care that things are done right

Source: Imgur

20. Because of that moment when you’re coming home very, very late and the street sweepers are out and the city feels like it’s yours

21. And because you’ll never trust a seagull ever again.

Source: aesedepece

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