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Here's why there are ducks appearing all over Bray

It’s all for Georgia Murphy.

IF YOU’VE BEEN around Bray this weekend, you may have noticed drawings of ducks sketched around the streets in chalk and wondered what on earth was going on.

The ducks are a tribute to Georgia Murphy, who died suddenly from an asthma attack last Sunday.

The campaign was set up for the teenager, who was nicknamed Duck, in an effort to raise funds for the Asthma Society of Ireland. Mourners at the 13-year-old’s funeral were given chalk and encouraged to sketch a duck and make a donation.


Since the campaign started last week, people have been taking to the streets of Bray and worldwide (photos have come in from the States and Australia) to sketch a duck in chalk in Georgia’s honour.

11403091_885845974825728_424296822468827150_n Source: Bronwen Phillips O'donoghue‎

11709433_10205955458677304_665063910701017827_n Source: Susan French

11231743_10204144866131157_9105349697041020187_n Source: Olivia Maher

988567_10152865529445723_108431628435174699_n Source: Cara Daly

11693932_10152867251940723_2217872047601793798_n Source: Cara Daly

11350436_10204360364353513_7121348926720917199_n Source: Wendy Paine

11707802_10154013737116562_4838709456247165759_n Source: Angus Hancock

11181336_10153563634753054_716358230028290057_n Source: Eoghan Cunningham

11249156_10152833424587721_7103958374576046988_n Source: Louise Merriweather

10171243_10200819637090556_5154704281805386940_n Source: Mary Lachaussee

11692617_10152869095625723_3646835720254175092_n Source: Cara Daly

A two euro donation to the Asthma Society can be made by texting BREATHE to 50300.

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