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5 potty-mouthed TV reporters who could give Eamon Dunphy a cursing masterclass

Turn the air blue! Go on!


LAST NIGHT, EAMON Dunphy expertly added himself to the ranks of those who have said ‘f***’ on live TV without realising their mic was on.

It’s an illustrious club. And together, they constitute something of a lesson in on-air cursing.

Here’s what we’ve learned. (NSFW for language, obviously.)

1. First impressions count – so begin your broadcast by simply uttering a string of random swear words

Source: Vox151/YouTube

2. If you become frustrated with some item of TV equipment, feel free to curse lavishly at it. Chances are the microphone isn’t on.

Source: Jason Heien/Vimeo

3. Same goes for your co-anchors. Do you want to ask them what the f*** they’re doing? Sure, go ahead.

Source: albri1home/YouTube

4. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your performance, it’s best to vent your frustration straight away

Source: axchannelableful/YouTube

5. And when it’s time to go home, let the viewers know how you feel. They’ll appreciate it.

Source: NewsHour/YouTube

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