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15 memories of early mobile phones kids today will never understand

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

1. Tapping out texts on the buttons like it was Morse code

Nokia 3410 Source: BlogSpot

Cycling through letters every click.

2. And the skill of being able to type in your pocket thanks to those wonderful buttons

Cellphone Source: Ylilammi

T9 Word.

3. The fact that there was a game called Snake – and it was the only thing worth playing

snakeir Source: mz

Beating your high score would consume you.

4. And then Snake II came along and you could go THROUGH the wall

hero-image1 Source: Msecnd

Big moments.

5. Your personality was completely and utterly summed up by your ringtone choice

donthotlink-crazy-frog-1024x768-2 Source: Crazy-frog

Downloading them seemed like a great idea.

6. And you could make up your own ringtone by just pressing different keys

nokia7 Source: Ymaservices

“I’m going to recreate that song by The Thrills!”

7. Flip phones were seen as the height of sophistication at one point in the not too distant past

motorola-razr-v3-unlocked-phone-black-2 Source: Cheap-phones

8. Bedazzled phone covers were a legitimate way to express yourself too


9. As was having a phone where the sides lit up

hqdefault Source: Ytimg

10. Going online using the browser was absolutely gas craic*

flickr Source: flickr

*painfully slow, and barely ever worked.

And the letters WAP meant something to you.

11. There was a while everyone went absolutely mad for the N-Gage

Nokia-NGage-LL Source: Wikimedia


It was short lived.

12. And then this monstrosity

nokia-7600 Source: Tigermobiles

13. Receiving a text looked like this

1440 Source: Guim

14. And this was the sophisticated form of picture messaging everyone used

pic8-3 Source: Mobile-review


15. And finally… it’s impossible to replicate the pure satisfaction of flipping your flip phone shut

giphy-3 Source: Wordpress

And opening, and closing. Again and again – because it was fun for some reason.

snapcode with text cropped (9)

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