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Which Easter Egg Should You Get?

Only one can be your true chocolate calling.


1. Firstly, have you given up chocolate for Lent?
Yes, it's been awful
No way, it's too good
2. When you get a bar of chocolate do you share it with your friends?
No, it's all mine
Yes, I'd always offer

Depends on how many friends are there
I'd just wait until I'm alone
3. Pick one of these...
The original 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory'
The new 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'
4. Your favourite annual holiday is...

New Year's
St. Patrick's Day
5. On Easter Sunday, do you...
Try and eat your Easter Egg in one sitting
Calmly make your way through it over the course of a day
6. Pick a packet of crisps...
7. Pick a chocolate-based snack...
Café Mocha
Hot Chocolate

Snack bar
8. Would you ever bother with dark chocolate?
Yeah, sometimes
No, never
9. Pick a dessert (when you're not eating chocolate)...
A load of ice cream

Apple crumble
10. And finally... when you get a big box of sweets, is it OK to go down to the second layer before the first is finished?
Yes, of course
Absolutely not
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
You deserve a Creme Egg!
You're straight down the middle and expect no surprises. You want that Creme Egg on Sunday and you shall get it. Enjoy!
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You scored out of !
You deserve a Yorkie Egg!
You're solid and dependable - and you love to get more from each meal. And that includes your Easter Egg. Enjoy!
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You scored out of !
You deserve a Butler's Chocolate Egg!
You enjoy the finer things in life and this is reflected in your choice of Easter Egg. Embrace it and enjoy your decadent delight.
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You scored out of !
You deserve a Terry's Chocolate Orange Egg!
You're quirky and you don't play by the rules. You don't want any old standard chocolate this Sunday and are willing to make a change. Enjoy!
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