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7 alternative ways to eat your Easter egg for breakfast

Because porridge is for losers.

LET US NOT forget the true meaning of Easter. Chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

1. Use your egg as a bowl

Bl61u3aIIAA1VWN Source: LadBible

Well holy God.

2. Cadbury’s Creme Egg benedict

A sugary and delicious take on the classic. Recipe here.

20100301cremebenedicthow-thumb-500x375-76213 Source: Jessie Oleson via Seriouseats

3. Caramel egg stuffed croissants

Jesus stepped off the cross solely for a whiff of these. Make em using this knowledge.

cadburys-caramel-egg-stuffed-croissants-halves Source: Tamingtwins

4. Easter egg muffins

Muffins are technically a breakfast food, aren’t they?

egg1 Source: taste.com.au

5. Creme egg toast

Toad in the hole toast, to be more specific.

egg2 Source: babble.com

6. Kinder pancakes

If you’re lucky enough to get a Kinder Surprise for Easter… why not melt it into some pancakes for the ultimate breakfast?

img_29491 Source: chillitastepot

7. Don’t forget the coffee

Make an Easter mocha by literally dipping your choice of egg into a cup of steaming hot coffee and letting it melt. DELISH.

DSC2281 Source: Breweddaily

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