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11 ways Easter has completely lost the run of itself

Happy Second Christmas!

EASTER. IT’S ALL getting a bit much.

1. The eggs have been on the shelves since January

The scenes in Tesco, Parnell Street in Dublin, January 3:

photo-1-167 Source: Valerie Loftus DailyEdge.ie

2. Yet, shops are still running out

atele Source: Telegraph.co.uk

3. The eggs are diversifying

easter-eggs-700x357 Source: Betterretailing

4. Easter Cards are now becoming something you need to send

CAzrUFrWAAA4_yR Source: SycamoreTreeLtd

Is it Easter yet??? Bunnies & chocolate what's not to love :) #easter #bunny #egg #toadstool #daffodil #MossCottage #LovelyThingsInside #Dundrum Source: moss_cottage

4. People are actually decorating their houses

5. Oh, you don’t have an Easter tree yet?

We’ve gone full Second Christmas.


6. There was actual outrage over a change to Creme Eggs

And a Change.org petition.


7. Easter nails are now a thing

034 Source: Nailed It NZ

8. With which to open your secret Easter bunny gift

Wait… WHAT?

9. Kids are leaving out treats for the Easter Bunny…

10. So it can hop over this… Easter grass with ease

11. OK, it’s officially a thing. You better be sure to get home to mammy so


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