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Here's how to eat for free at the supermarket

Think of it as a buffet of sorts.

DID YOUR MAM ever give you something to eat from the supermarket shelves to keep you quiet when you were younger?

Sure it’d only be something small and would be later paid for at the till, but what if you started making a sandwich, or pouring yourself a bowl of Rice Krispies on the cereal aisle?

Comedian Shannon DeVido uses a wheelchair, and reckons that she can get away with anything due to people’s overly PC nature–a hypothesis tested in her ‘Stare at Shannon‘ YouTube series.

In this video, DeVido goes into a shop and starts eating things straight from the shelves.

Nobody says anything to her.

Not only does a man say nothing about her eating a cereal, he even pours her milk for her.

A gent.

Source: Shannon DeVido

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