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Ed Sheeran fans are literally turning orange to win tickets to his 2fm gig

And it’s gas.

TOMORROW, ED SHEERAN will perform an intimate, invite-only set in 2fm studios. To celebrate, 2fm have been running several competitions for tickets. Earlier this week, they invited fans to “go orange” for Ed to win tickets.

And people did because people be lovin’ Ed Sheeran.

People surrounded themselves with every orange product in their possession. (Even Tesco Cheesy Puffs.)

edsheeran2 Source: RTÉ 2fm

Notice the orange packet of sanitary towels in the foreground here.

edsheeran3 Source: RTÉ 2fm

The lengths people will go to, though.

edsheeran4 Source: RTÉ 2fm

Ah, this guy.

edsheeran5 Source: RTÉ 2fm

That’s commitment.

edsheeran6 Source: RTÉ 2fm

Robinson’s orange squash? Check. Orange extension lead? Check.

edsheeran7 Source: RTÉ 2fm

Nice inclusion of Collins Spanish Dictionary here.

edsheeran8 Source: RTÉ 2fm

Is that an orange necklace? As in, a necklace made of oranges?

edsheeran9 Source: RTÉ 2fm

This entry could easily double up as an advert for Uncle Ben’s


2fm have selected 25 finalists with the person who gets the most likes on their photo winning the tickets.

This is currently leading the way:

cilbegley Source: RTÉ 2fm

Well played.

So, just what IS the Song of the Summer this year?

Ed Sheeran popped over to his Irish cousin’s wedding in Spiddal 

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