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Ed Sheeran got awfully candid and explicit about his sex life in an interview


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LAST WEEK, ED Sheeran appeared on The Breakfast Club, a popular syndicated radio show in the US.

During the interview, the singer didn’t hold back and spoke quite candidly about his sex life.

It was… unexpected.

He was asked if liked to, ahem, go down south on women

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Right as the interview started, Ed Sheeran announced that he was a longtime fan of The Breakfast Show and outlined his favourite episode of the show.

My favourite one is Khaled going on about not going down on women.

Host Angela Yee then put it to Sheeran that he surely does that, to which he replied:

I mean, I’m a man.

But he clarified that he did not “eat booty”

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We’ll let Ed speak for himself on this one…

I don’t do the sucking the farts out, though. I don’t think it’s… I don’t think it’s… It’s a bit odd, isn’t it?

A conversation about “booty eating” ensued.


He was also asked if he had ever tried to “smash” Taylor Swift

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I met her professionally first. We were writing songs and, I don’t know, I get on really well with her.

He was pressed as to whether she was his type and he said no!

Too tall. I feel like we’d look like cast members of The Hobbit. She’s, like, in the elephant kingdom and I’ve got hairy feet.

He added that he thought it was healthy to have female friends.

Oh, and he uses condoms

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As he put it…

I don’t want to end up with sixteen kids from different mothers.

Sixteen, eh?

Humblebrag much?

You can watch the full interview here.

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