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Wayne Rooney reportedly said he'll sing at Ed Sheeran's wedding "whether he likes it or not"

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ED SHEERAN IS known for being friends with basically everyone.

From Brian McFadden to Bill Clinton, to Princess Beatrice (who stabbed Ed in the face with a sword at a party)… There are very few people who don’t get on with Ed Sheeran.

So it’s no surprise he’s good pals with Wayne Rooney.

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The pair of them love an aul singsong as well. Here’s a video of the pair of them singing Lego House in a Manchester pub. Imagine how confused you’d be if you went out for a pint and ended up walking in on this.

A couple of years ago, the two of them got drunk and sang Angel by Robbie Williams together in New York.

A source close to Wayne told The Daily Star that despite being ‘tuneless’ and having a ‘terrible voice’, Wayne dropped Ed Sheeran a text to let him know that he has his heart set on performing at the singer’s wedding.

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Apparently Ed replied by telling Wayne to leave the singing to the professionals, but The Daily Star says that Wayne ‘won’t be put off’ and will still attempt to perform once the big day rolls around.

Ed’s still deciding who’s going to perform at his wedding. It’s probably hard when he has so many mates to choose from.

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