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14 elements that make the Irish accent irresistible

Quare sexy.

AMERICAN MEN ARE apparently being coached in the ways of the Irish accents in order to swoon woman. The Mirror reports that the University of Houston’s Jim Johnson runs a service online to help men who want to improve their chances with the Irish birds.

Can we blame them? There are some many excellent upsides.

1. The admirable ability to change entire accents depending on who you’re with

Get heavier or lighter depending on which part of the country you’re in. So considerate.

2. The fact that we must speak at the speed of lightening

Directions? Well….yougodownthebackroadtowardsmarys andheadupthedirtroadand turntoyourrightpasttheshed.

Luckily it sounds so soothing, as nobody caught a word of it.


3. Adding hai to end of sentences

Don’t deny it’s a bit charming hai.

200 Giphy Giphy

4. Our complete inability to pronounce THs

5. And insistence on adding extra shhhh sounds to everything

6. Shortening our words makes them all the more lulling

Tis, t’was, t’will begrand.

670px-Speak-With-an-Irish-Accent-Step-1-Version-2 Whstatic Whstatic

7. Basically, everything we say sounds poetic

Is it all down to leaving out complete letters in words? Drop gs, drop ts. Who needs em?

Then she said,
Ah here,
Leave it ou.

8. That mysterious way we constantly leave people wondering if we were asking a question


9. Volume is not an issue

This guy isn’t even raising his voice.

10. The menace is ever present

Powerful. Thank you, Liamo.

11. Even when we’re in a blind rage it’s endearing

Jaysus Chrihsht! That’s the shhhhtart of it.

bunda Tube / YouTube

12. They can just be a breathe of fresh air

13. It’s like we have our own secret language

adav1 Irish Central Irish Central

14. So yes, putting on an Irish accent will get you the shift American lads


ayo Facebook Facebook

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