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12 annoying things people say to emigrants when they're home for Christmas

Do they have Christmas over there?

1. “Is it Christmas over there, too?”

Australia Christmas Source: AP/Press Association Images

No, they actually don’t have Christmas in Australia. Well-known fact.

2. “Would there be many Irish over where you are?”

shutterstock_141719401 Source: Shutterstock/nunosilvaphotography

I… suppose? But I didn’t exactly move for the Irish people.

3. “What’s the weather like at this time of year?”

giphy (1) Source: Television Without Pity

Followed by pronouncements of, “That sounds awful hot” or “I wouldn’t be able for that myself now”.

4. “We must meet up for a pint while you’re here over Christmas!”

Travellers refused entry to Ireland Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

You and I both know that we will never meet up for that pint.

5. “I didn’t know you were home!”

giphy (4) Source: liveinslamherst/Tumblr

Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to send out a press release.

6. “Would you not think of coming back?”

shutterstock_206735923 Source: Shutterstock/Iakov Filimonov

One of the most frequently asked questions. Followed closely by…

7. “You’d be mad to come back.”

giphy (2) Source: Giphy

That may be the case, but perhaps I would like to come back. Did you ever think of that?

8. “What’s the Guinness like over there?”

Guinness stock Source: Niall Carson

This is just an opportunity for you to smugly say that it’s better in Ireland, isn’t it?

9. “Would you still be in touch with [X person who emigrated to same hemisphere as you]?”

giphy (3) Source: Reddit

10. “And tell us, what was the trip home like?”

57409800 Source: Meme Generator

As they curl up expecting you to tell a story of a journey fraught with delays and treachery.

“Eh, the plane was grand, I suppose?”

11. “Do they really have barbecues on the beach at Christmas?”

Venezuela Protests and the Poor Source: AP/Press Association Images

Yes, and I wish I was there right there now.

12. “Ah, it just can’t be the same as being at home, though.”

City Views - Dublin Source: Brian Lawless

Okay, you got us there.

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