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The comments on Enda Kenny's Instagram are pure gold

Yes. Enda is on Instagram.

INSTAGRAM IS THE home of celebrities, fitspirational gals and avocados.

It is also, increasingly, the home of politicians. In the United States, politicians like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush are all highly active on the platform.

Much like the Kendall Jenners and Taylor Swifts of this world, these presidential candidates receive hundreds of lickarse comments on their photos every day, along with declarations of “QUEEN” and “RELATIONSHIP GOALS”.

queen Source: Comments on a photo of Hillary Clinton.

jebb Source: Comments on a photo of Jeb Bush.

bernie Comments on a photo of Bernie Sanders and his wife.

But is it the same in Ireland? We decided to take a gander at Enda Kenny’s Instagram to find out.

First things first, Enda Kenny has been on Instagram since March 31, 2015.

His first photo? A portrait of him pouring over paperwork.

The photo received a grand total of 38 likes and four comments including…


Not a bad start to your Instagram journey.

Enda has been slow to really get into Instagram and has only posted 42 photos in total.

As a result, he has only amassed 534 followers. Think about it – you probably have teenage cousins with bigger followings than that.

And though he may not receive as many comments as his American contemporaries, the ones he does receive are pure gold.

Here’s a photo of Enda proudly bearing a Yes Equality badge. It received 53 likes and a handful of comments.

This person questioned what was in Enda’s other hand.


While this gal declared her undying love for An Taoiseach.


This photo received just one comment, albeit a very encouraging one.


He received his first “YAAAAS” on this photo.


And a very supportive compliment on this one.


Swit swoo, hun.

He hasn’t been immune from taunting, however.




Still, he has people calling him “daddy” and that’s the sign of a true Instagram star.




He’s one of the bais, you see.


And he and his wife are #relationshipgoals…


Our favourite comment, though?


Enda, if you’re reading this, we have some tips on how you might improve your Instagram presence.

  • Post pretty photos of porridge covered in acai berries and chia seeds. People on Instagram live for chia seeds.
  • Share more photos of the cheeky Bloody Mary you had at brunch. If you don’t like Bloody Marys, just buy someone else’s.
  • If you see some particularly nice tiles, take a photo. People weirdly love photos of nice tiled floors.
  • When all else fails, just take a photo of a sunset and caption it, “Dublin, you ride.” Instagram gold.

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