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down the toilet

This woman just lived every engaged person’s nightmare

Palpitations all around.

IT’S THE KIND of thing that happens in movies, and you think, hey no one would ever be that unfortunate.

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Flushing your engagement ring down the toilet. It just doesn’t happen… except to Carissa Wolter of California. On November 3 (she flushed her engagement ring complete with a pair of diamond earrings) down the loo.

According to abc7, Carissa took them off while cleaning makeup brushes and wrapped them in tissue. You can guess what happened next.

Can you IMAGINE the panic?


She called her fiance Kevin Winter when she realised what she’d done.

We started taking the toilet apart to see if it was still there, clearly it wasn’t. It was a really scary feeling actually.

The called the Jurupa Community Services District who set a trap and eventually found the jewellery in a nearby sewer.

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A rep for the JCSD said Wolter was lucky she lived near the end of a low-flow sewer, and that she did some research online.

The young lady was actually very wise and reading online about how not to flush anymore water and it helped her out a lot.

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