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Bono popped up on English Paper I and people couldn't handle it

His contribution was fairly gas.

AS WE ALL know, the Leaving Cert kicks off with English Paper I – and this year when students opened the exam they were met with a photo of U2′s ever-present leading man Bono.

And the Leaving Cert students then encountered one of his speeches.

Which started with “My name is Bono and I am a rock star”

Which was welcomed by some

But his appearance was lamented by others

Still, life lessons were taken from the speech

And creative solutions put forward as well

LCone Source: Twitter/@ThatKatePerson

The very fact that Bono was asking questions in the Leaving Cert was noteworthy

There were plenty who were only delighted to see the U2 frontman

And that he was a support throughout the ordeal

Go on, Bono

Sure look, it’s over now, onwards for the rest of the Leaving Cert

So now. What major celebrity can they shoehorn into the Maths exam?

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