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8 things men want women to know about erections

The soldier.

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ERECTIONS ARE STRANGE things when you break them down. They’re essential, life-giving totems, but they are also unwieldy and unsubtle at the best of times.

Still, there are some things the world needs to know just so we’re all on the same page:

1. It can get hard at any time

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It can be at any time, any place, and can strike without warning. The older you get though the less likely this is to be an issue, but it can still rear its ugly head from time to time.

2. Sometimes it genuinely feels bigger than other times

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Many factors can come into play here – but it can come down to last time a major evacuation of the swimmers took place. It’s not all psychological either, as laying off the alone time is said to actually its size when erect.

3. The tip is extremely sensitive, but the rest is surprisingly sturdy when hard

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When it’s not erect, it’s nowhere near as sensitive for most guys at the tip for obvious reasons. But when it’s hard, it’s a sturdy soldier that can take its fair share of strain (apart from the tip).

4. Alcohol really doesn’t help maintain an erection

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The brewer’s droop exists. We never get alarmed when it happens because that’s the law of the brewer’s droop. Everyone should know this law.

5. Getting rid of one without resorting to the obvious is sometimes tough

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Like the more you think about it, the less likely it is to go anywhere. There’s no such thing as forcing one away with your hand either, that’s liable to make it worse.

6. We often wake up with a full erection

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This doesn’t mean we were having a sexy dream or anything. It’s just bloodflow.

7. Sometimes we do have to pee when it’s hard

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This can especially be true in the mornings.

This task isn’t easy. Not only is it a bizarre sensation, but the pee’s trajectory is very unpredictable, as above.

8. Many guys can move it slightly when it’s erect

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Kind of like wiggling your ears, except more obvious of course.

This isn’t exactly a skill, but should be acknowledged as it can’t really happen when flaccid.

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