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Here's the moment weather fan Johnny met his hero Evelyn Cusack


MEET JOHNNY FROM Ennis. He wears a killer hat, and he’s a *massive* fan of the weather.

Johnny was on the Late Late Toy Show to tell his story. He told us how he is such a massive fan of the weather, he drove halfway across the country (well, we’re guessing his parents drove) to…

go to a show about Evelyn Cusack.

Yep. Johnny is an Evelyn Cusack fanboy.

Not only that, but he designed his OWN BOARD GAME starring Evelyn Cusack.

Sample move: “Evelyn predicts a heatwave. Move forward five spaces.”

We already <3 Johnny. But then…


Did you SEE Johnny’s reaction? There were feelings that it was hard to process.

This is how excited he was to meet A WEATHER FORECASTER.

The country was in bits.

Humanity is grand.

Ireland is grand.

Johnny for Taoiseach 2025.

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