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Mashup of every breath taken at the Oscars is massively uncomfortable

This video supercuts every breath taken at The Oscars – and it’s just people creepily breathing *sad face*

THERE ARE SOME things that the internet is very good at – and one of them is random supercut videos.

The folks over at Racked went above and beyond though, when they put together this video of every breath taken at this year’s Oscars ceremony.

That’s right – there are no words, just breaths. And the are a little bit creepy:

Source: Racked/YouTube

Well, that was an experience.


The general consensus online, of course, is that the whole thing is slightly disturbing in a somewhat hilarious fashion

reddit2 Source: Reddit

There were some who thought it was better than the actual show itself

reddit1 Source: Reddit

Which might be a fair comment.

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