Every episode of 'Friends' is now on Netflix to ease your New Year's hangover

2018 is off to a pretty good start.

EARLIER THIS WEEK, Netflix announced that they’d be adding Friends to their catalogue at some stage in 2018.

We’re literally only one day into 2018. Who knew it would happen so fast?

Of course, Friends is on TV every day of the week. However, plenty of people don’t watch TV (or even own a television). And now they can watch any episode they like at their leisure.

Netflix know exactly what they’re doing, because this is the last day for a long time that most people will have the time to arse around their houses staring at the TV all day.

Some users aren’t too excited and think Netflix should prioritise shows that we can’t see on TV every day.

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(Good shout)

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(Even better shout)

For now, we’ll just have to make do with Friends.

The real question is… Will you skip the opening credits now that Netflix provides the option to do so?

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