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9 everyday heroes who make life that bit easier

Legends. All of them.

1. The pharmacist who doesn’t absolutely interrogate you when you ask for Solpadeine

An angel sent from heaven if ever there was one.


2. The taxi driver who instinctively knows that you’re just not up for chats right now

And lets you play with your phone in the back seat, uninterrupted.



3. The person in the airport that spends exactly o.7 seconds examining your passport and lets you on through, no questions asked

*wipes brow*

need Source: Flickr

4. The priest who can always be relied upon to deliver a quick Mass

You know, the kind of priest that’s basically putting on his coat as he says “Go in peace”.


prist Source: Flickr

5. The pizza delivery man who doesn’t cast judgment on the fact that it’s 3pm and you’re still in your pyjamas

We are eternally grateful.

pizza Source: Flickr

6. The shop cashier who compliments the top you’re buying and validates your decision

“It is a lovely top – thank you!”

Suddenly you don’t feel so bad about spending €45 on a going out top.

sho Source: Flickr

7. The supermarket cashier who asks for your ID (even though you’re 27) and gives you a little ego boost

“Can I see ID, please?” “I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me that for the last 5 years.”

leftimg Source: Age Card

8. The person in the chipper who gives you an extra generous helping of chips for the hell of it

Bonus points if they also manage to put *just* the right amount of salt and vinegar on it.


chip Source: Flickr

9. The driver who lets you out in front of them

“THANK YOU, NICE MAN!” you say.

And you mean it, too.

traffic Source: Flickr

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