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16 little everyday victories that you enjoy way too much

Sometimes it’s the little things.

WHILE RIDING THIS neverending rollercoaster we call life, we sometimes have to derive pleasure from the little things.


1. Nabbing a yellow sticker sandwich.

2. Having exact change for the bus.

3. Discovering money you didn’t you know had in a forgotten coat pocket.

money Source: Imgur

4. Pressing the button on the lift and having it open straight away like it was expecting you.

giphy (7) Source: Giphy

5. Getting through the traffic lights right before they turn red.

driving Source: reactiongifs

6. Plugging in your laptop right before it dies.

7. Getting into the shower and there’s plenty of lovely, hot water.

giphy (8) Source: emstoendaily/Tumblr

8. Remembering to bring a glass of water to bed after a night out.

mattberry Source: Giphy

9. When the key turns in the door first time.

celebration Source: Imgur

10. Finally finding out the name of a song that has plagued you forever.

11. When you find a Wi-Fi connection that doesn’t require a password and works.

yass Source: hypable

12. Going to the shop to find out that thing you wanted is now on sale.

wow Source: Imgur

13. Finding chewing gum that you didn’t know you had, but so desperately need.

14. Arriving at the Luas stop and it says it’s arriving in one minute.

topgun Source: Imgur

15. When you get to work, open your e-mail and have no new e-mails.

pleased Source: Reaction GIFs

16. Waking up desperately hungover after a night out to find some pizza from the night before.

pizza Source: viruru/Tumblr

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