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11 mortifying things everyone does when they meet their ex

It will happen, and it will be awkward.

YOU’RE OUT AND about, having a good time, when you see your ex out of nowhere.

You know it’s probably going to be awkward, so you fall back on these standard moves:

1. Spotting them in the crowd like

tumblr_n6b810VBEE1sjbapyo3_500 Tumblr Tumblr

*panic stations*

2. Pretend you haven’t seen them

tumblr_m9vranhwZ51rs3eko tumblr tumblr

Until it gets to the point where it’s impossible not to greet each other.

3. Completely exaggerate the hello

Doctor_who_wave_hello_hi_gif Nocookie Nocookie

“Hiiiiii” has never been said with such fake enthusiasm before.

4. Subtly try to slip in how well you’re doing

oliviawildeyes Wordpress Wordpress

Embellishing life achievements is acceptable in this situation.

Trying to mention all your massive life successes in a subtle way is the true challenge.

5. Smile politely at their inevitably great new life

Awkward Smile PhotoBucket PhotoBucket

They’re not going to tell you that things are awful, are they?

6. Ignore the fact that you know all their news through expert Facebook creeping

tumblr_m21ikr6B5u1r9anrg Tumblr Tumblr

“Oh, you were on holiday to Ibiza last week? Great.”

7. Have awkward chats with their friends

the-office-jim-halpert-awkward-face Wordpress Wordpress

“Hello there, you.”

It’s usually some friend you haven’t seen since the break up. You didn’t sign up for this level of awkwardness.

8. Get self conscious about your outfit choice


If only I’d known they would be here, you’ll say.

“So glad I wore this bright orange outfit tonight.”

9. Try to force a conversation about a mutual friend

tumblr_inline_nik3ztXZJF1swqms5 Tumblr Tumblr

“Ah yeah, he’s a gas character. Sure might see you out for his birthday in six months?”

Please, end this.

10. Awkwardly half hug them goodbye

pat Collegetimes Collegetimes

The small talk has come to an end and you have to wrap this debacle up.

“Chat soon, yeah?”

11. Make it look like you’re having the time of your life

54d3cfc9cb5fd_-_beyonce_flawless H-cdn H-cdn

Yes, yes, you don’t care. But you keep that smile on your face until a good while after, and then you can die from awkwardness in a socially safe area.

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