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This app stops your family bothering you on Facebook

Two statuses. One for your friends, one for your family. Ingenious.

TEENS ARE RAPIDLY getting over Facebook. Why? Because their parents got in on the game, and now it’s not cool any more.

If your parents are making it difficult to carry out your online social life and you wish there was a way to cut them out while sparing their feelings, you’ll never guess – there’s an app for that.

Called Family Matters, it’ll stop your family butting in on Facebook by posting two statuses for you – one for friends only and one for your folks. Your friends won’t be able to see your family’s mortifying comments, and your family will not see anything embarrassing posted by your friends.

The creator, who goes by his Reddit username soIheard, told the Daily Dot that he made the app after his family repeatedly cramped his style on Facebook.

I stopped enjoying Facebook because my family got in the habit of commenting on every post I created. I also noticed my friends stopped commenting on something as soon as my family got involved.

We feel his pain. Nothing derails a conversation faster than this:


Of course, you can just not add your parents, or add them and block them, but using this app may prevent some family arguments down the line. Anything for a bit of peace and quiet.

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