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# Breakup Notifier
Facebook ‘breakup notifier’ lets you know when friends go single
Lovelorn? Wish your Facebook friend was more than a friend? A new app will let you know when relationships break up.

FACEBOOK is often criticised as being a tool that, for some, takes the difficulty out of stalking people. That reputation might be about to take a giant leap forward: one app developer has created a new tool informing users when their friends have broken up.

The Breakup Notifier app, written by developer Dan Loewenherz, will allow any Facebook user to nominate a number of their Friends to add to a watchlist-of-sorts – presumably the friends about whom the user might romantically pine.

The program then, in a convenient-but-yet-slightly-creepy way, sends you an email when that friend’s relationship status changes – when they go from being ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’, ‘it’s complicated’, ‘in an open relationship’, or vice versa.

Though the app is a tad on the creepy side, one could argue that it does allow users the time to actually get to know the people they’re pining over. And that can only be a good thing, right?

Is this an app you think you’d use? Or does it simplify stalking to a degree you’re not quite okay with? Let us know in the comments.