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15 perfectly devastating comebacks to Facebook posts

Keep the Savlon handy.

Source: mkhmarketing.wordpress.com

1. This time someone learned an important lesson

Source: Boredpanda

2. This simple but effective demolition job

Source: Imgur

3. This perfect response

Source: 9gag

4. This person getting exactly what they deserved

Source: Pansy Panda

5. This time the Rubberbandits caused a national Savlon shortage

Source: Imgur

6. This medical expertise

Source: Imgur

7. This late entry to the Your Mom Hall of Fame

Source: Imgur

8. This time when Larry was just unnecessarily mean

Source: Imgur

9. Mrs Johanson, laying waste to all about her

Source: Imgur

10. This guy’s mam

Source: Imgur

11. This perfect deployment of an awkward moment

Source: Netdna-cdn

12. This annihilation by logic

Source: Imgur

13. This good honest relationship

Source: Reddit

14. This time everyone just wanted to stand up and applaud

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15. And this nightclub.

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