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Here is the man so good looking that he was deported from Saudi Arabia

What do you reckon?

YOU MAY REMEMBER the tale of the really, really ridiculously good looking guys who were asked to leave a festival in Saudi Arabia because they were distracting the women.

You really couldn’t make it up, apparently officials were so concerned that women would fall for the men, that they were deported to Abu Dhabi in the United Arabe Emirates.

One of the men is named Omar Borkan Al Gala, and we’ve managed to find his Facebook page.  He refers to himself as a fashion photographer, actor and poet on the page, which has 91,114 likes.

His most recent post thanks people for their ‘lovely messages’ and apologises for the fact that he hasn’t been able to reply to all of them.  Other than that it’s mostly photos and inspirational quotes.

What a charmer!

So, just how good looking is he?  We’ll let you decide.

Here he is on the phone

Here he is pointing

Here he is casually holding a gun

And here are his abs

There you have it.  Omar Borkan Al Gala, the man too good looking for Saudi Arabia.

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