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8 Google search trends that prove Ireland's glory days are truly over

“Luxury spa weekends in Athlone”.

AH THE CELTIC Tiger, you’ll roar again. What goes up must come down, much like these Google search trends.

So what were we searching for in Ireland in 2005 that we’re not so intrigued by now?

1. “BMW dealers”

Ah, a BMW, the true badge of a Celtic Tiger household.

BMW dealership inside of Siam Paragon Source: permanently scatterbrained

It seems that literally the whole of Ireland had a BMW during the summer of 2005 and got sick of them just before 2007. But now? BMW Google creeping is at an all time low.



2. “Conservatories”

Who didn’t want a glass room built on to their semi to sit in and listen to the rain? If you built conservatories in the early noughties and had your number listed online, you’re probably set for life.

Victorian-Conservatories-Dublin-Conservatory-Designs Source: Conservatory Designs

But now? Maybe consider re-branding them to sun-rooms. Or third bedrooms.


3. “Cosmetic surgery”

The actual notions of botox. Paying good money to inject your face with a toxin. But Angelina Jolie had it so you had to have it, OBVIOUSLY.

Botox is so sexy Source: ekai

Either everyone has already established their go-to doctor, or they’ve decided that they’ll keep their brow line creases and buy food instead.


4. “Decking”

All you needed to go with your conservatory.

Wood deck Source: FooNar

The great rush for decking still has a fair little bump every Summer but the bumps just keep getting smaller. A sad state of affairs, as we balance our deck chairs on the bumpy garden grass.


5. “Hotels”

Remember the days when your mother sat in the good room flicking through the Irish hotels guide and randomly picking one to stay in that weekend? No? Just us?

9780091852641 Source: Awesomebooks

Well, searches for hotels have dipped dramatically. Almost as dramatic as you were when you found out you didn’t have the sea view window.


6. “Investing”

Property in Spain, property in Ireland, a holiday home in Florida… basically, if it was built on a foundation, it works.


Look at that frantic activity in 2005, yis divils. What to do with your savings now… NOT invest it, yeah, not invest it sounds like a good idea at present.


7. “New York holidays”

Sure we’ll pop over for a bit of pre-Christmas shopping, why not?

New York Skyline Source: CJ Isherwood

Because MONEY, that’s why not. There are still little dips around each holiday season, but they’re just getting sadder and sadder.


8. “Property Spain”

Just heard about SUCH a good deal, man. Google it.

Spanish Apartment Torrevieja Spain #dailyshoot Source: Leshaines123

These conversations have dropped dramatically then…


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