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Watch confused English people struggling to name a famous Irish man in the 1980s

Did this really happen? Yes, it did.

Source: YouTube

THIS IS A clip from an old episode of Family Fortunes, shown on British TV between 1983 and 1985.

In it, the bewildered contestants are asked to name “a famous Irish man”.

Amid much sniggering, they completely fail. Even host Max Bygraves is surprised.

“Cor blimey, there’s millions of them!” he tells one contestant. “Is there?” she replies in puzzlement.

Source: ChristinaLMartin/YouTube

When asked to name an Irish person, they go for:

Thomas O’Malley

Source: Fanpop

From the Aristocats.

Tom O’Connor (left)

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

A comedian from Merseyside.

Des O’Connor (right)

Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

A comedian from London.

Ernest Hemingway

Source: AP/Press Association Images


And finally, Shughie MacFee

Source: Akamaihd

The Scottish chef from non-lamented TV soap Crossroads.

Finally someone comes up with Garret FitzGerald, but nobody in the poll has come up with him. They DO finally manage to find an Irishman on the list… and it’s exactly who you would expect.

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