A family in Naas have brilliantly recreated a photo they took with a snowman 21 years ago

The snowman is about 11ft tall.

IT’S NOT OFTEN that we get enough snow to build an 11ft tall snowman.

In fact, the last time that was possible may have been around 21 years ago. A DailyEdge.ie reader named Anne sent us this photograph from when her 5-year-old brother’s snowman was featured in the Leinster Leader way back in 1997.

Source: Jim Gallagher

This week, Anne’s brother Jim (who is now 26) brought his snowman back to life after 21 years.

Source: Jim Gallagher

Standing in the exact same spot in their garden in Naas, the family huddled around the massive snowman for a picture.

Source: Jim Gallagher

Anne’s brother and her father even recreated their old picture.

Source: Jim Gallagher

Here are both photos side by side:

Source: Jim Gallagher

Pretty close. Anne told DailyEdge.ie that a stepladder was employed to ensure that the snowman was as tall as possible. The 1997 snowman was around 8ft tall, while 2018′s snowman was 11ft tall, with his hat included.

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