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12 fashion disasters all Irish teen lads faced in the 00s

How were these allowed to happen?

IF YOU WERE lucky enough to be an Irish teenage lad in the heady days of the 00s – you might want to look away now.

Why? Well, you were probably involved in some of these mortifying fashion choices:

1. A Quiksilver hoodie

546507402_o Source: Auctiva

Before anyone actually surfed.

Any hoodie would do, but the Quiksilver ones had a certain something that put them ahead of the chasing pack.

2. Questionable rip-offs


Known as tearaways to some. You know you wore them, and now you’re stuck with the memories. Still, this was really only an early 00s trend, so there are a large section of young people out there who luckily missed this particular button-themed boat.

3. Army fatigue trousers

smoke_rise_green_fatigue_1 Source: Hiphopcloset

The inexplicable army design infiltrated all types of clothing which, looking back, makes absolutely no sense.

4. Trousers with a built-in belt

beltjeans-630x434 Source: kmart

Because putting an actual belt on trousers was way too much effort.

5. The plain O’Neills tracksuit bottoms

oneills Source: ebay

Before any of your fancy stripes down the side, the premier casual trouser for the young Irish gent was the O’Neill’s plain tracksuit – in a variety of colours.

They were much better than those Kappa ones anyway.

6. Skater shoes

00rapCTblue Source: Veganskateblog

And other skater accessories – often without the crucial skateboard that would make such things acceptable.

7. Baggy stone-washed denim jeans

denim detailsfour Source: buddhjeans

With a crucial slit on the end so that they sit well over your massive shoes, of course.

8. An unbranded ”rugby” jersey

rugbyjersey Source: scene7

Because actual rugby jerseys cost loads of money and these ones were so cool.

9. Cargo shorts

khaki Source: A&F

The more khaki, the better.

10. Having bleached hair

MICK DOYLES FUNERAL SCENES Source: Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland

Mid-00s Brian O’Driscoll was the standard bearer here.

Back-up option: hastily-made mohawk, done by just sweeping your hair up into the middle.

11. Those tracksuit bottoms with two stripes down the side

31xAxSDU44L._SX342_ Source: Images-amazon

Not three. These weren’t Adidas, oh no. These were cooler.

12. Anything made by Le Coc Sportif

$_3 Source: Ebayimg

That little coq was the sign of a top sporting brand. Worn with pride.

We lived through those times. We survived. And now we’ll have to explain them all to future generations with regret.

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