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fat frogs

Fat Frogs were the definitive taste of an Irish teen night out

Those were the days…

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WHILE YOU MIGHT now consider yourself a connoisseur of wine or craft beer, there was a time when your palate was markedly less sophisticated…

Yes, we are talking about that period where all you drank was Fat Frogs

The preferred alcoholic beverage of Irish underage drinkers and students

“gets u rat assed quik”

ratassed studentrecipes studentrecipes

The potent mixture of Bacardi Breezer, WKD Blue and Smirnoff Ice was all your young tastebuds could handle

It was *your* drink.

You used to knock back PINTS of the stuff

Pints of green. God be with the days.

Places you almost certainly drank Fat Frogs:

  • Your first student gaff
  • A bar you wouldn’t dream of setting foot inside now
  • In a scaldy nightclub in Tenerife during your Leaving Cert holiday

You went to pubs on the basis of which one had the best deals on Fat Frogs

“Can you do one for €2?”

Although you were definitely stung by cheap Fat Frogs on more than one occasion

Looking back, you can’t believe you ever drank it…

After all, it looks like a dangerous nuclear substance.

But you’ll always have a special place in your heart for them…



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