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# Fast Food
The brain 'rewards' foods high in fats and carbohydrates
This combination of food lights up neural circuits in the reward centre of the brain.
# nicola coughlan
Theatre guide apologises over review that mentioned Derry Girls actress's weight
Nicola Coughlan told the British Theatre Guide that the writer was not welcome to review any of her performances again.
# Diets
Myth debunked: Neither the low-carb nor the low-fat diet is superior
Cutting either carbs or fats shaves off excess weight in about the same proportion.
# codes of practice
Mixed reactions over new voluntary codes to restrict advertising of 'high fat sugar salt' foods
Sinn Féin’s Lynn Boylan hit out at the voluntary nature of the Codes, saying Ireland needs “mandatory legislation”.
# Obesity
Majority of people believe Ireland should bring in a sugar tax
54% of people in Ireland want to see the tax introduced.
# Obesity
Government to target sugar, salt, fat and big portion sizes in fight against obesity
Advertising to children will also be targeted as part of the plan.
# what to eat
Report recommending people to eat fat sparks row among health experts
The report by the National Obesity Forum and the Public Health Collaboration calls for a “major overhaul” of current dietary guidelines.
Overweight people should pay more tax. Others can't pay for our folly
Operation Transformation is not fat-shaming. We can’t mollycoddle to spare people’s feelings, writes Aaron McKenna.
# Insult
James Rodriguez: Calling me fat p****s me off!
The midfielder has been the subject of persistent negative rumours in recent weeks.
# Be careful this Christmas
Scientists got students to eat nothing but fatty food to find out the effect it had on their bodies (it wasn't great)
The students were fed a diet of sausage, biscuits, and macaroni and cheese for five days.
# friday treat
Your Indian takeaway dinner has a LOT more food in it than one person should be eating
And you might want to check how much fat, salt, and calories is in it.
# Obesity
There are just two weight management clinics in Ireland. This is a problem, say doctors
Currently there are just two such clinics – at St Colmcille’s in Loughlinstown and at University Hospital Galway.
'I know it's not healthy to be fat. You really, really don’t have to tell me that'
Reacting to journalist Lindy West’s article about being a “fat” bride, a contributor who wishes to remain anonymous says it gave her hope that even if she doesn’t lose weight, she has a future.
# lindy west
This fat bride wrote about being a fat bride and lit up the internet
“This life of yours, fat girls. Eat it up”.
'We're fat and getting fatter - and it's a life and death issue'
Don’t like the word ‘fat’? There’s no respect in cosseting people – and the food and drink industry – about this, writes Vincent McCarthy
# Obesity
Why is Ireland so fat? Here's what an expert thinks
A WHO report published today said most Irish adults are likely to be overweight in 15 years’ time.
# Modern Life
Our kids are being kept awake by smartphones and tablets - and it's making them fat
Parents are being urged to make kids’ bedrooms ‘screen-free zones’.
# Obesity
Telling a fat person to diet is 'like asking a person who's bleeding to avoid sharp objects'
Experts have said obesity can not be cured with dieting and exercise alone.
# snooze button
Love your weekend lie-in? It could make you fat
‘Social jetlag’ is also linked to metabolic disorders, inflammation and diabetes.
# weighty issue
Here's why overweight people are sharing doctor stories on Twitter
An article in the British Medical Journal has kicked off a massive discussion on the way doctors treat fat people.
# the time diet
Eat whatever you want and lose weight*
*As long as you eat it in a 9 to 12 hour window and you’re a mouse.
# Overweight
Ireland's child obesity rate has plateaued and it may begin to fall
Researchers say the plateau in childhood obesity is still unacceptably high.
# big fat liar
This 'social experiment' sent people on Tinder dates wearing fat suits
The results were somewhat unsurprising.
# fat and happy
9 people who thought Katie Hopkins was dead right on The Late Late
Hopkins said you can’t be “fat and happy”.
# pass the cheese
People who eat high-fat dairy foods less likely to develop type 2 diabetes
Researchers found there is no association between low-fat dairy products and the risk of T2D.
# louie louie
Louis CK's brutally honest 'fat girls' speech is a must-watch
Whatever you think of it.
# Meat and Two Veg No More
Ireland is eating more fast food as waistlines continue to grow...and grow
The ‘invisible hand of the market’ promotes obesity worldwide, according to the Irish and American authors of a new global study.
# food is not love
Is your cat or dog obese? It could be guilty of 'emotional eating'
Just like humans, animals can feel stressed out too sometimes, which could be making them emotional eaters, a study finds.
How many of these unconventional burgers do you want to try?
There’s a lot going on in burger land, people.
# down the drain
14-tonne 'fatberg' discovered in London sewers
It’s a giant blob of congealed fat and wet wipes.
# heavy work
Police in Japan bust overweight prostitution service
There’s a market for everything.
Column: Why do we comfort eat?
Increasing numbers of people are reaching for chocolate and crisps in response to stress, sadness or boredom – but what is making us become emotional eaters? asks Roisin Finnegan.
# mcdiet
McDonald's CEO said he lost weight by being more active
But he said he hasn’t changed his habit of eating at McDonald’s “every, single day”.
Column: I can’t pinpoint the moment I decided I wasn’t going to eat anymore
Suffering from anorexia as a teenager, Jenny Conlon’s weight dropped to just 6 stone before. While speaking about her experience for the first time is difficult, she says if it helps one person, it will be worth it.
Column: Ireland needs to reduce childhood obesity, so why are schools cutting PE hours?
Our society has epidemic levels of obesity – so why is the Department of Education reducing the importance of PE in our schools? asks Fergal Lyons.
# Junk Food
Study reveals every single junk food meal damages your arteries
Don’t worry though, you can scoff as much Mediterranean food as you like.
# Nom
How many people does one Chinese takeaway meal feed?
A new report from safefood reveals that an average portion of prawn crackers contains 608 calories – and that’s (literally) just for starters.
# Yikes!
There's another reason not to eat fast food...
…It can bring you down, man.
# Fat Foetus?
Babies of overweight mothers 'get fatter in the womb' - study
A study by a maternity hospital in London finds that a mother’s weight tends to be passed on to their child, even before birth.
# good fat
Skinny children have more 'good fat', study shows
Thinner kids are more likely to carry ‘brown fat’ – which helps burn energy instead of storing it.