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This fat bride wrote about being a fat bride and lit up the internet

“This life of yours, fat girls. Eat it up”.

jen Source: Jenny Jimenez via @thelindywest

JOURNALIST LINDY WEST got married recently.

Lindy is a writer, a wit, a feminist. She’s also fat. She says she “grew up assuming that I would never get married”. She says that marriage was for thin women, “the kind of women who deserved to be collected”.

Her fiance- well, husband now – proposed to her in front of family and friends, because she had told him once when she was drunk that “fat chicks deserve” public proposals too; that they’re not something to be hidden away.

West has written about her wedding for The Guardian, and she’s taken the internet by storm.

wedding Source: TheGuardian.com

She’s written of dating men who “relished me in private” but were then ashamed to be seen with her in public. Men who saw no serious future with her because they were afraid of being mocked. Men who say her as an “arousingly taboo body type”.

West says that growing up she yearned to be told that she was worthy of love, just as she was. As fat as she was.

So I’ll be fat on my wedding day. Because being fat and happy and in love in public is still a radical act.

Lindy West’s article doesn’t go into too much detail about the wedding itself, but talks about not having to “fix” your body, gender politics, being fat in public, and feeling “unlovable”.

And she’s been celebrated for it:

Lindy, meanwhile, is hopefully working on her next business venture:

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