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9 of the most comforting every-day sounds

Music to our ears.


Here are nine that make us feel all fuzzy inside.

1. A sizzling pan

Nothing sounds better than a rasher alarm clock. It’s also the sound of ‘you not having to make it’. It’s as soul warming as a hot oil splash.


2. Opening a can

Indicates drinking is happening nearby and it’s only beginning. We imagine it’s spelled something like this: chhuh tsssksht.

See also: poppin’ bottles.


3. The door opening

We’re talking ‘someone you’re dying to see returning’, not middle-of-the-night intrusion when you’re not expecting anyone.

shutterstock_58184389 Source: Shutterstock

4. Your phone beeping

Notification, text, whatever. Somebody acknowledged you. Music to your ears.


5. The hum of something starting up

When you’re trying to fix something that just won’t give, and then, as if by magic, that little fan indicating a start-up whispers in your ear. IT’S DOING IT!


6. Rain against the window

When you’re safe inside, of course. It’s like tiny angels are singing us to sleep.


7. The kettle boiling

So ridiculously comforting. AND bonus, someone is making tea.

kettle_by_laurieyuken-d5qyz0z Source: Deviantart

8. Disney title theme

Who DOESN’T have fond memories of the Disney theme? When those opening bars of When You Wish Upon A Star twinkles out from the telly, they all come flooding back in a wave of feelings.

Source: MegaJamesieboy

9. A fire crackling

The sound, the smell, it’s like being wrapped up in a cloud made of fleece and bear-hugs. If you’re lacking a real fire, fire this YouTube video up and maximise. Enjoy.



Source: Joe Poltor

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