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7 people who understand your Fear of Monday

Right there with you.

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DO YOU FEEL scared, and lonely, and paranoid in a way that you can’t quite name? Are you considering covering up the clock with a tea-towel?

That’s because it’s Sunday. And tomorrow is Monday.

But here is some consolation: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. All around the country – nay, the world – there are people feeling the exact same.

1. This person knows your paranoia

2. This person was scared even yesterday

3. This person has been feeling your pain since this morning

4. This person knew it was coming, just like you did

5. This person shares your unreasonable terror

6. This person also wants the weekend to go on forever

7. And this person needs love too

OK, we can all get through this. Together.

First, here’s some comfort food:

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Now, just imagine yourself in the middle of this:

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Being nuzzled like this:

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And ending up as comfortable as this:

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Does that feel better? Good. You’re welcome.

It’s all going to be fine.


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