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This female reporter expertly confronted men who yelled "F*** her right in the p***y" behind her

That’s how it’s done.



It was a meme that entailed people yelling, “F*** her right in the p***y” on live television or radio. It reached Ireland last year, most notably when someone appeared on KCLR FM during the Ploughing Championships and said it.

Over the weekend, Canadian news reporter Shauna Hunt was out and about at a game in Toronto when a gas ticket wandered up behind her and shouted the expletive.

Meanwhile, a group of men stood nearby, waiting for their moment to pounce.

Not content to leave them get away with it, however, Hunt decided to confront them about their plans on live television.

Source: CityTV Official/YouTube

She asked one of the men if they were waiting around to repeat the joke. Once he confirmed that he did indeed plan on yelling the expletive, she took them to task.

It’s a disgusting thing to say, it’s degrading to women and you would humiliate me on live television?

She later made the rather pertinent point that it’s “old” and “really not funny”.


You tell ‘em.

Last night, Hunt thanked people for their support and expressed hope that it would reduce the amount of harassment reporters are subjected to while on the job.

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