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How an 11-year-old Cavan boy ended up co-hosting the Toy Show

Fergal Smith is some man.

L-R: A pained-looking Ryan Tubridy, Fergal Smith

REMEMBER 11-YEAR-OLD Fergal Smith from Cavan?

He was the one that wrote this letter to Ryan Tubridy, requesting a co-hosting slot on the Toy Show.

Source: Tubridy 2fm

He tugged on the nation’s heartstrings by referring to his “middle child syndrum”:

this is a common disability I will tell you what side affects are. OK lets say your oldest like my brother Ciaran, he gets all the credit because when anybody comes to the house there always are like ‘you better look after your younger brothers’ and now lets say your the youngest like my brother Pearse Og everybody is like ‘ahh he is so cute’ I hope you can see my point because what do I get oh yeah NOTHING!

Fergal then added:

look it, if you could find a place in your heart to let me co host the Late Late toy show I would be over the moon

And Fergal got his wish. In case you missed the Late Late Show on Friday night (and you can forfeit your Irish passport at the door if so), Ryan made the big announcement. Here’s how it went:

Ryan: Fergal, will you do me a favour? Would you come and co-host a bit of the Toy Show with me next week?

Fergal: [cool as a cucumber] Oh, I’d love to.Ryan: Would you be able to do that for me?Fergal: [losing it a bit] Yes I would, surely!

Watch the full clip here:

Source: RTÉ - Ireland's National Television and Radio Broadcaster

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