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15 cheap but vital products that'll actually save your life during Electric Picnic

It’s almost time.

IF YOU’RE IN any way a woman of home comforts, Electric Picnic might be a hard one to come to terms with. There’s no immediate access to a clean toilet, and showers are hard to come by.

Don’t even fantasise about a cleansing routine. 

We all know to bring paper cups, torches, and black sacks, but if you’re a little extra you’ll want more.

Pick up these little bits before you hit Stradbally this weekend, and you’ll be flying.

1. A hair towel

If the thoughts of going three days without a shower or a hair wash disgusts you, don’t forget to bring a turban for your mop when you eventually reach the top of the queue.

Penneys and Dunnes sell these for a couple of euro, or a normal towel will do. 

[image alt="PastedImage-66215" src="http://cdn.thejournal.ie/media/2018/08/pastedimage-66215-3.png" width="376" height="376" title="" class="alignnone" /end]

2. Spray on sunblock

May I recommend Garnier’s UV water for all of your EP needs. You can spray it directly, it won’t leave you slippy, and will also freshen you up if you’re feeling a bit damp and clammy. 

[image alt="PastedImage-63747" src="http://cdn.thejournal.ie/media/2018/08/pastedimage-63747.png" width="372" height="488" title="" class="alignnone" /end]

3. Foldable bottles

These are €1.50 in Dealz (you can get another variety in homestore and more) and can be used to sneak in water to the main arena. Water only though. Stay hydrated. Honestly, do not use them for anything else.

[image alt="PastedImage-18925" src="http://cdn.thejournal.ie/media/2018/08/pastedimage-18925.png" width="370" height="370" title="" class="alignnone" /end]

4. An inflatable pillow

These lil ones are in Dealz for just €1.50. Can’t go wrong, and might help you to get a better night’s kip. Take yourself back to the days of the inflatable chair.

[image alt="PastedImage-41382" src="http://cdn.thejournal.ie/media/2018/08/pastedimage-41382-2.png" width="370" height="370" title="" class="alignnone" /end]

5. Bring your yoga mat

You can sleep on it and sit on it. Multiuse and easy to carry. 

[image alt="PastedImage-51477" src="http://cdn.thejournal.ie/media/2018/08/pastedimage-51477-630x324.png" width="630" height="324" title="" class="alignnone" /end]

6. Pocket tissues

Yes, bring plenty of bog roll, but it’s also worth taking a few packs of hand tissues. These will slip into your pocket or bag a lot easier than a big roll to use in the portaloos in the arena.

[image alt="PastedImage-83907" src="http://cdn.thejournal.ie/media/2018/08/pastedimage-83907.png" width="388" height="314" title="" class="alignnone" /end]

7. A mini first aid kid

Thank me later, don’t forget this. You can get tiny ones in all good pharmacies. 

[image alt="PastedImage-62301" src="http://cdn.thejournal.ie/media/2018/08/pastedimage-62301.png" width="400" height="400" title="" class="alignnone" /end]

8. A shewee

RIGHT, hear me out. No one is suggesting you use this in public, I mean if you want to, all the power to you. But imagine, it’s late at night, you’re really not wanting to pop a squat in the portaloo, you’d rather stand in front of it and let loose. Pick up one of these in Dealz for a measly €1.50 and maybe you’ll find yourself with the dutch courage to use it. You never know when you might need it.

[image alt="PastedImage-78264" src="http://cdn.thejournal.ie/media/2018/08/pastedimage-78264-2.png" width="370" height="370" title="" class="alignnone" /end]

9. Dioralytes 

Truly a lifesaver for the morning after the rave in the woods. Stay safe out there. 

[image alt="PastedImage-41012" src="http://cdn.thejournal.ie/media/2018/08/pastedimage-41012-2.png" width="570" height="402" title="" class="alignnone" /end]

10. Bioglitter

As we all know, glitter is an essential. But make sure your glitter is biodegradable. We made a handy list here. 

[image alt="PastedImage-6496" src="http://cdn.thejournal.ie/media/2018/08/pastedimage-6496.png" width="500" height="500" title="" class="alignnone" /end]

11. Welly socks 

No one wants horrible welly rash. Get yourself to Penneys and get a pack of these knee length socks. Sorted. 

[image alt="PastedImage-48222" src="http://cdn.thejournal.ie/media/2018/08/pastedimage-48222-322x500.png" width="322" height="500" title="" class="alignnone" /end]

12. Unscented deodorant

This is a god send. It will stop you from sweating, used on your thighs for chub rub, and can be soothing on itchy midgey bites. 

[image alt="PastedImage-20126" src="http://cdn.thejournal.ie/media/2018/08/pastedimage-20126-500x500.png" width="500" height="500" title="" class="alignnone" /end]

13. Some LED flashlights 

You should obviously get a decent light for your tent, but these will come in extra handy when you have to venture places in the dark.

These lads are only a few euro in The Range. 

[image alt="PastedImage-5123" src="http://cdn.thejournal.ie/media/2018/08/pastedimage-5123.png" width="500" height="500" title="" class="alignnone" /end]

14. Non rinse foaming sponges 

If you’re not bothered with the showers, these little sponges can be found in pharmacies for less than a euro each. They’re usually used when you can’t get areas wet, eg after surgery.  

[image alt="PastedImage-83500" src="http://cdn.thejournal.ie/media/2018/08/pastedimage-83500.png" width="262" height="262" title="" class="alignnone" /end]

15. Spray bottle 

If it’s not going to be sunny, it’s going to be muggy. Keep one of these in your tent filled with water and spritz to keep your skin hydrated. They can be refilled in any of the taps and are available in most DIY stores. This one is just €1.99. 

[image alt="PastedImage-65529" src="http://cdn.thejournal.ie/media/2018/08/pastedimage-65529.png" width="375" height="500" title="" class="alignnone" /end]

Go forth and enjoy EP. 

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