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8 poor men who really aren't happy that the latest FIFA game includes women

Social media own goal for these lads.

EVEN WITH ALL the controversy surrounding FIFA this past week, EA still managed to announce the latest edition of their soccer game this morning – titled FIFA 16.

And, for the first time ever, women’s teams are included:

teams Source: Twitter

The news has been hailed by many as a step forward. That such a popular sports game is featuring female athletes is a sign of progress

fifa1 Source: Twitter

But some weren’t very happy at all that there will be female teams

fifa2 Source: Twitter

And the jokes were quick to come

fifa3 Source: Twitter

There was quite a bit of negative backlash to the announcement

Along with some general misinformation

fifa5 Source: Twitter

But the sexism has provoked a defence of the game and EA’s decision to put women in for the first time

And this final, salient point about choice summed it all up

You got it right there.

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