A Finglas pub are challenging customers to eat their ridiculously huge new chicken fillet roll

If you can horse this down in 15 minutes without a drink, they’ll give you €20.

Source: The Shamrock Lodge

IF YOU LOVE chicken fillet rolls, live near Finglas and hate your digestive system, then you’re in for a treat.

The Shamrock Lodge in Finglas have set up a challenge involving that massive chicken fillet roll photographed above. Look at the length of it beside that man. How on earth is that supposed to fit inside an individuals stomach?

Initially, the rules of the challenge were that if you could eat the giant chicken fillet roll in 15 minutes, without the assistance of a drink, it’s free. If not, you have to cough up €20.

Source: The Shamrock Lodge

You can only have the set toppings: chicken, lettuce, butter and mayo. There’s no getting creative and adding sweetcorn and jalapenos to this, which is probably for the best. After the significant interest the pub got on their original post, they decided they’d up the stakes.

Now, if you manage to finish the chicken fillet roll, you walk away with €20 on top of the glory. That should be enough to cover few celebratory pints. Or a taxi to Beaumont. See how you’re feeling.

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