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Worst first date ever? Woman says love interest stole her TV and dog

What, no kiss goodnight?

NO STOLEN HEARTS on this first date. Instead, a woman in New Jersey says a man she met on a dating website stole her dog and her flat-screen TV.

The pair went out for the first time on Thursday night, local police told the Daily Record of Parsippany.

After returning home, the woman said she became occupied in another room, leaving the man alone.

When she returned, he was gone — and so were her Yorkshire Terrier named Violet and her TV valued at $3,000. The woman says her dog was worth $4,000.

The woman says she knew her date only as Joel. She believes he lives in nearby Elizabeth.

Sergeant Richard Gonzalez said police are searching for the man and dog, and are checking other locations the short-lived couple visited.

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