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This Cork girl on First Dates fancied the barman so much that it ruined her date

And they MIGHT have got together.

THE THIRD EPISODE of First Dates Ireland hit RTÉ 2 tonight – and the nation was desperately looking for a successful couple to actually end up on a second date.

They’d get their wish – but it took a few twists and turns to get there.

Cabra girl Stacey was first in the hotseat tonight

stacey RTÉ RTÉ

And her main advice for the country was:

Never, ever get your boyfriend’s name tattooed on your body

Well, OK.

Fellow Dub Neil was her date, and he was quick to let everyone know that he takes care of himself in the gym

neil RTÉ RTÉ

Which led to the first chink in the armour when they were ordering dessert:

The chocolate fondue was an early source of concern.

They just about agreed on the wine as well – but eventually it turned into a date with some decent craic

bottle RTE RTE

So when they sat down for the big question, things were looking promising

sitdown2 RTE RTE

Neil answered first: does he want to see her again?

“Maybe as mates”

sitdown3 RTÉ RTÉ


Why? Well, he thought she took control a bit much at the table:

She ordered the wine, she got the dessert…

Not AGAIN – story of First Dates Ireland

Not a good end for Stacey and Neil

And, of course, the lift was an absolute car crash as usual.

One of the great white hopes of the evening were Jordan and Barry

jordan RT RT

barry RTÉ RTÉ

Even though Jordan thought Barry was straight at the start of their date

straight RTÉ RTÉ

They rode over that speed bump nicely though, and it looked like there might be something there:

Near the end, Barry went to the jacks to make a phone call assessment – and he seemed to be pretty smitten with “Jordo”


Then Jordan did the same himself – they both didn’t know what they wanted


It turned out that they were just going to be “pals”

pals RTÉ RTÉ

Maybe with a trip to Ibiza thrown in.

We were rooting for them

Let’s change the name of the show, lads

South African Kirk – who lives in Belfast – was next up in the lift

kirk RTÉ RTÉ

And his accent was the main talking point

It was some combination

Caroline would be his dinner companion – please, the viewers wanted a match

caroline RTÉ RTÉ

But then Kirk went to the jacks halfway through dinner and she was not impressed

kirk RTÉ RTÉ

Not good manners, apparently. Cue the most awkward silence at the table

But by the end, they seemed to have gotten over the awkward moment and had pre-agreed at the table that they were going for a drink after.


So, when they got in for the final question, there wasn’t all that much tension


But when they asked Kirk about the drink, he said they were going BUT:

“I think we both know that it’s not going anywhere”

goanywhere RTÉ RTÉ

Ah here.

Their facial expressions told a whole other story

Next in was Cork girl Sunita – and this is where tonight’s episode got REALLY interesting

sunita RTÉ RTÉ

The dapper Tony from Monaghan was lookin’ well and ready to go

tony RTÉ RTÉ

They bonded over their shared experience of loss and spoke openly about mental health awareness, but was there anything more there?

sunita3 RTE RTE

Nah. Continuing the theme of the night, they agreed that they got on but weren’t suited for each other romantically.

It wasn’t really awkward at all – because they were both so sound


But then in Sunita’s solo interview, she dropped a bombshell

time2 RTÉ RTÉ

She totally fancied the barman the whole time, and it didn’t help with her date

bartender RTÉ RTÉ

Yes, the Canadian bartender Ethan was too attractive

And then at the end, they said that Sunita and Tony had gone for coffee as friend - ”but not before she caught Ethan’s attention”

Wait. WHAT

Did they… get together? Surely not

Could this be the most unlikely First Dates romance?

What a turn up for the books.

So, on a night that looked bleak the last hope was Sean from Offaly – who described himself as “not the rottenest”

sean RTÉ RTÉ

You’re GORGEOUS, Sean.

And 19-year-old Lucy was his date. Surely we could get a happy ending from this pair? Otherwise we might have to abandon the whole romance element of this show

sean2 RTÉ RTÉ

It was Sean’s birthday too – and he’d decided to spend it on First Dates

goanywhere2 RTÉ RTÉ

Just as the date was settling into the swing of things, Lucy only went and got his name wrong

pals2 RTÉ RTÉ

Shane? SHANE.

*hides behind couch*

She took a trip to the bathroom for the mandatory phone call, and had some big news:

“Guess what? He’s ginger!”

ginger RTÉ RTÉ

Which is apparently a big deal back home:

Fair enough.

They then brought out an adorable birthday cake for Sean

bday RTE RTE

Could these two save the night?

inand RTÉ RTÉ


inand3 RTÉ RTÉ

Sean and Lucy <3

They’ve even gone on a second date already.

Thank GOD. We needed a match

Finally, a happy ending to First Dates Ireland.

Another eventful night in the restaurant. Did Sunita and the barman go on a date? How are Sean and Lucy getting on now?

The public need answers.

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