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A look at First Dates from 11 countries around the world

Well this is strange.

FIRST DATES IS a hugely popular format all around the world.

Having started in the UK on Channel 4 back in July 2013, 12 countries have bought the show. Ireland is of course, one of them.


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Yes, of course the States were all over it.

This one is called First Dates, as expected, and is filmed in MK Restaurant in North Side Chicago. It was narrated by Drew Barrymore and only lasted one season.


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Yep, the land down under have First Dates too. The first daters dine in Verandah restaurant in Sydney and is still on air to this day.


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First Dates Canada has Adam Snider as their bartender. It’s shot in Earl’s in lower BC.


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In Italy, it’s called Primo appuntamento. Their maitre is Valerio Capriotti and he looks like cupid himself. Can you even begin to imagine how romantic the Italian First Dates is? Us neither.

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In Spain, it’s called First Dates

Their host is Carlos Sobera, and the series successfully continues since it was picked up in 2016.

It looks a lot, er, different to our own.

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First Dates is called ‘Första dejten’ in Sweden. Here’s the crew, and they record at a hotel in Vaxholm.

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In Poland, we have Pierwsza Randka

The manager is Alex Mackiewicz, the bartender is Derek Krupa, and they have two lovely female waitresses, Magdalena and Paulina.

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It looks like great craic.

In Israel, they have דייט ראשון 

And, it’s hosted by a woman! Corinne Gideon is the Israeli cupid, and that is just lovely.

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France have Premier rendez-vous et plus si affinités. That’s a mouthful. They do say French is the language of love, and this trailer for First Dates proves it.

However, it seems the French would much rather date naturally, and First Dates was a bit of a flop.


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Everyone fancies the bartender on the Netherland’s version of First Dates, that’s all you really need to know. Victor apparently works behind the bar of Sexyland Society at the NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam-Noord. Well, that makes sense.

Finally, we have Brazil, with À Primeira Vista

It’s Luigi Baricelli at the front desk in this version of the show.

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They have some good success.

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