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A guy told his date 'I don't find you attractive' before they'd even had dinner on First Dates

What are you at.

EVERYONE WHO’S EVER graced the First Dates restaurant claims that they are looking for their match “to be honest”.

But this is just taking the actual p*ss.

John and Greig were paired up last night, and before the main course had even arrived John returned from having a smoke to deliver this immortal line

Source: First Dates/YouTube

When he came back to the table, something was clearly up

package2 Source: Channel 4

He had something on his mind:

“It sounds really bad but… I don’t find you attractive”

package3 Source: Channel 4


package4 Source: Channel 4

^seriously, man?

“You’re a really genuine guy, right, and we seem to get along… but I just don’t have that connection with you. What’s the point in staying and having a main course?”

package5 Source: Channel 4

Incredulous, barely believing what has taken place in front of him, Greig asks:

“So you want to cancel the main course?”

package6 Source: Channel 4

So then poor Greig is basically forced to pay for his half so far and leave

package7 Source: Channel 4

package8 Source: Channel 4

Grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre and unprecedented.

The GUBU moment we never thought we’d see on First Dates.


package9 Source: Channel 4

Absolutely no qualms.

Needless to say, people watching at home were hardly fans of this carry on

Rude, rude, rude

scottishman Source: @RachelAgyefron

But we couldn’t get enough of the drama

There was so much sympathy for Greig – given he just had to go through the humiliation on national telly

packag Source: @Thomson1811

This one is definitely going into the record books as the most awkward First Dates encounter of all time

packag Source: Channel 4

“I don’t find you attractive.”


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