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The nation is only dying for Pat and Maureen from First Dates to tie the knot

We’re holding out for wedding bells.

WHAT IS IT about the viewing public and the suggestion of romance among the older generation?

We mean, if First Dates focussed solely on the over-50s, we’d be in raptures every week.

Thankfully, last night’s episode didn’t disappoint on this front.

Meet Dubliners, Pat and Maureen, who have been melting hearts all over the country since last night.

After a very successful dinner date, they even had a behind-the-scenes dance.

And yet they haven’t met up for a second date despite both agreeing another one was on the agenda.

Bewildered viewers are now wondering where it all went wrong.

We mean, they sang, they danced and they had most of us holding out for a First Dates wedding.

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Come on guys, don’t hold out on us.

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