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5 of the best Flappy Bird parodies to take you through your withdrawl

Flappy days!

THE FLAPPY BIRD craze is still going strong, and there’s no end in sight.

The life-ruining game may have been taken down from the app store, but its memory lives on.

Psst, you can still play it online, but we much prefer these amusing alternatives.

1. Flappy Doge

We’re huge fans of doge, so this is basically a marriage of all memes brilliant. Just when he was slipping into irrelevancy, we get this. Don’t hit the pipes or your game will be much over.


2. Fall Out Bird

Pop-punk band Fall Out Boy, being always relevant and always on the ball, released their version of the mind-melting game. Capitalism at its finest, the app plays their latest single in the background and the band’s Chicago skyline is your background. The bandmates, of course, are the flappy ones, with guitars in place of the pipes. Play on mute.


3. Fappy Guy (NSFW Link)

We’ll let you ponder the name yourself, but considering that Flappy Bird is a thing that exists, there had to be an inevitable porn version made. It’s NSFW if your boss is offended by pixel genitalia, and it’s just as frustrating.


4. Flappy Bert

Even Sesame Street getting in on the action, with Bert being held up by a blue bird and crying out for Ernie if he gets hit. It’s actually slightly simpler than the original phone-smasher as well, so could be one for the kiddies.


5. Squishy Bird

The perfect remedy to those long hours of having that gormless little bird tease you from behind your touch-screen. Squish em. Squish em good. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?

fbthumb Squishybird Squishybird

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